mickeysiporin films

1. MOVING PICTURE   (1961)   B&W     6 minutes
mickey siporin film moving picture
An artist carries his abstract painting around
in an indifferent rural setting
to the sounds of Charlie Mingus.


mickey siporin film how to eat
2. HOW TO EAT   (1964) B&W     6 minutes
A parody of educational films with a step-by-silly-step analysis of eating.
Award: Chicago International Film Festival 1965
Museum of Modern Art, NYC permanent collection
Screened at the Museum of Modern Art, New York, NY 1993 and 2001; Film Forum, New York, NY 1977
Cablecast on the Nickelodeon cable network
Distributed by Grove Press

3. BANG, HEAD GO BANG BANG   ( 1967) B&W     9 minutes
mickey siporin film bang head go bang bang
A fragmented narrative of a boxing match, a fight in a bar, an unidentified woman,   and a man in bed trying to piece together these memories in the spirit of “Last Year At Marienbad”.
Screened at the Aardvark Cinematheque at Second City, Chicago, Illinois 1966
Distributed by Grove Press


4. REDUCTION   (1967) B&W    11minutesmickey siporin film reduction

A satirical and chilling commentary on conscription produced in the midst of the Vietnam War era.
Distrbuted by Grove Press


mickey siporin film one neetah and mickey5 . ONE NEETAH AND MICKEY   (1969) COLOR AND B&W   
7 minutes

An abstract and experimental boy- meets- girl film.
Selected for screening at: Maeght Foundation's Contemporary American Art Exhibition 1970, Saint Paul, France; the Spoleto Festival 1970, Spoleto, Italy.

6. OPENINGS   (1972) COLOR    9 minutes
mickey siporin film openings
A dance-like metaphor structured around the contrasts of positive life forces as represented by imaging from nature, as opposed to hostile negative forces symbolized by human-created environments.
Invited for screening at the International Film Festival of the Estoril Coast, Estoril, Portugal 1989

7. THE RITZ NEWSIOLA   (1975)   B&W    18 minutes

Three 6 minute comedy films inspired by the newsreels of the 1940's. Described in NEW YORK MAGAZINE as ..”better than most of ‘Saturday Night Live'...”
Distributed in 35mm by New Line Cinema
Award: Chicago International Film Festival 1975
Shown on PBS, Showtime, Nickelodeon
Screened at Film Forum 1977, New York, NY
Permanent collection Donnell Library , NYC

8. THE USED NEWS   (1975)   B&W   12 minutes
Five films based on THE RITZ NEWSIOLA and broadcast nationally on Children's Television Workshop's “The Electric Company”.
Screened at the Museum of Modern Art 1975, New York, NY

9. JOKING: NO LAUGHING MATTER   (1977)   COLOR    17 minutes
mickey siporin film joking no laughing matter

A psuedo-scientific, tongue-in-cheek study of why we laugh, inspired by Freud's book on joking.
Awards: Athens International Film Festival, Athens, Ohio 1978; Baltimore International Film Festival, Baltimore, Maryland 1978
Cablecast in the USA on: Cinemax, HBO, Nickelodeon and Showtime



10. SEEING IS BELIEVING   (1980)    COLOR    10 minutes
A comic jab at those media reports of Big Foot, The Bermuda Triangle and various extraordinary people and inventions.
Shown on HBO, Cinemax, Nickelodeon

11. THE BROKEN PROMISE   (1983)   COLOR    3 minutes
An idea inspired by a vacant store on 8th Avenue in NYC.   The film acknowledges an indebtedness to silent comedy.
Screened at the Minoriten “Strange Movies” series, Graz, Austria, 1997

12. THE BLINK-O-RAMA THEATRE   (1985)   COLOR    36 minutes mickey siporin film blink-o-rama theatre
Thirty-eight mini-comedy bits running 30 to 90 seconds each and featuring repeating titles such as “Adventures Into The Unknown”, “Superheroes We Really Need”, “World's Smallest Disasters” and a series of 24 sight gags. Commisioned by the Nickelodeon Cable Network, USA
Shown on Nickelodeon, Canal + (France), Portuguese National Television, Swedish National Television
Award: 8th International Festival of Cinema for Children and Youth, Tomar, Portugal Invited to participate at the International Film Festival for Children, Laon, France 1987

13. ON BALANCE   (1987)   COLOR VIDEO    3 minutes
A short humorous essay critical of contemporary conservatism.

14. MY WAR STORIES   (2002)   COLOR AND B&W   VIDEO    32 minutes mickey siporin film my war stories

A personal memoir of the 1960's that weaves an impressionistic tale of those turbulent years while exploring the complexities of the peace movement from the vantage point of a filmmaker, cartoonist and participant.
Award: Chicago International Film Festival
Broadcast: WTVP television, Peoria, Illinois 2003
Screenings: The Millennium, NYC 2003; Rutgers University Film Co-operative, New Brunswick, NJ 2003


New Jersey Young Film and Video Makers Festival, New Jersey 2000
Festival of Short Films, Grenoble, France 1993
Baltimore International Film Festival, Baltimore, Maryland 1979
Independent Film Exposition, New York, NY 1978

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